Configuring print formats for X mosaic
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Subject: Configuring print formats for X mosaic
Cc:, Alex Zbyslaw <>
Organisation: Rank Xerox Cambridge EuroPARC
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Date: 	Thu, 26 Aug 1993 06:28:26 PDT
Status: RO

I would like to set up X mosaic so that the default print format is
PostScript and the default for mailing is plain text.  I don't want
our users to have to remember that they must choose PostScript to get
the best result on our printers. We found the menu and reconfigured it
to make PostScript be the one that appeared to be selected but
obviously we are missing something because somewhere inside it still
thinks that plain text is selected :-( Is there an easy way to 
reconfigure this? Is it reconfigurable in 2.0? (which I am not using).

Please reply to me and to directly as we
are not receiving www-talk.

Kathy Carter