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Date: 30 Aug 1993 16:53:42 -0300 (BST)
From: pflynn@curia.ucc.ie (Peter Flynn)
Subject: W3 mail server
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In article 9v6@news.delphi.com, boakley@news.delphi.com (BOAKLEY@DELPHI.COM) wri
>Well, I recently discovered the world of html, xmosaic and it's brethren.
>My delimma is that I don't have an internet connection to browse all of
>the hypertext out there.  Is there an ftp site where I can get some good

As a result of discussions at the INET93 Developing Countries Workshop two weeks
ago, I am now running a mail server which accesses the web. Many people have onl
email right now, especially developing countries, so this is a mechanism to let
them read the documents.

Details are in the <a href="http://curia.ucc.ie/info/webmail/webmail.html">help
file</a>, and Tim/Lou/Marc/etc may wish to add a pointer to this in their entry-
point documentation.

Basically, send a 1-line mail to webmail@curia.ucc.ie containing

     GO <url>

where <url> is the URL you want to retrieve. This is alpha, so please test it. C
   omments/suggestions to me.