Re: warning to information providers re HTTP/1.0

George Phillips <>
Date: 30 Aug 93 17:02 -0700
From: George Phillips <>
In-reply-to: <>
Message-id: <6202*>
Subject: Re: warning to information providers re HTTP/1.0
Status: RO
Nathan Torkington said:
>Anyone want to write code that uses a `file' like database to work out
>the type of the file, so the server can correctly identify file types
>without needing to look at their extension?

Grab file://
If you can grok perl, it will tell you how to identify lots of different
file types.  I'd really like to put this functionality into the
browsers.  Even though HTTP/1.0 will partially solve the problem, there's
still FTP sites and local files which have no other type information.

Another warning to HTTP/1.0 information providers.  There is a bug in
the libwww 2.0 libraries such that you better make sure you do a
fflush() after outputting your HTTP/1.0 reply header.  It only bites
if you're sending back a binary file (say, a GIF image) that has a
0 byte near the start.  I sent off a bug report about this, but
haven't heard if the bug has been fixed.

				-- George