Re: Text & Image

Dave_Raggett <>
From: Dave_Raggett <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Text & Image
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 9:58:44 BST
Mailer: Elm [revision:]
Status: RO

Thanks for your explanation of X Mosaic's ALIGN attribute. I think
we need to separate text flow from the caption placement:

How about:

<!ELEMENT FIG - - (EMBED?, (FIGA|FIGT)*, (P | %list; | %text;)*)>
    id      ID      #IMPLIED
    flow    CDATA   #IMPLIED -- text flow to "right" or "left" --
    cap     CDATA   #IMPLIED -- caption on "left" or "right" --
    map     (map)   #IMPLIED -- server can handle mouse clicks --
    pix     (pix)   #IMPLIED -- use pixel coordinates --
    src     %URL;   #IMPLIED -- link to image data -->

With defaults set to: no text flow, and caption at bottom.

If FLOW is specified, then CAP is ignored and the caption is
always placed at the bottom,

Browsers should only flow text when there is sufficient room, this also
applies to left/right captions. Captions often last more than one line and
may even include a list, e.g. a list of features beside a product photo.

e.g. <FIG FLOW="left" SRC="...">  ;; picture at right with text flowed on left
     <FIG CAP="right" SRC="...">  ;; caption down right hand side

> But if you allow overlays of anything (images/text/movies?) over images, why
> would you need the width at all? Isn't the width of the element that 
> overlays the image determined on run time. eg: the width of the image that
> overlays anather is fixed., why specify it. (if it happens to be wider, or
> smaller, no problem, just draw it partilally outside the original image.

The width of normal text paragraphs is undefined. It normally stretches until
the righthand margin. So if you have more than a few words, it is necessary
to specify the desired width for text wrap.

> but what is the background color of a gif image ...

The idea of a chromakey for irregular shaped overlays is nice, but I am
unsure as to how to specify the colour value in a way that will work for
abitrary image/drawing formats. Any ideas?

We could allow an arbitary string value, and defer the problem?

Many thanks,

Dave Raggett