Announcement: LaTeX2HTML v0.3.1 available

N F Drakos <>
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From: N F Drakos <>
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Subject: Announcement: LaTeX2HTML v0.3.1 available
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this is just to let you know that a new release of the LaTeX2HTML 
translator (v0.3.1) is now available.

Here is a summary of the most important changes:

o Image Recycling 
   Images for equations, tables, figures, special characters etc.,
   generated by the translator are reused during subsequent runs.
   This offers tremendous improvements in speed after an initial 
   successful translation.  

o Cross-References Between (Local or Remote) Documents 
   Cross-references between documents (possibly on
   remote locations) can be established via symbolic labels which are
   independent of the physical filenames.  
   Such cross-references will be maintained with a 
   re-translation even after one or more of the documents have been
   broken into different physical parts or moved.  

o New Options 
      Images are accessed via hypertext links instead of being "inlined".
      The navigation icons switch to ascii equivalents and images 
      are not "inlined". This option makes documents more portable.

o New Texexpand (contributed by Robert S. Thau <>)

o Minor Changes and Bug Fixes 

For more information on how to retrieve, install and use the translator see:

An *ascii version* of the same documentation is at:

A postscript version of the above is available at:

The full list of changes from v0.2 is at:
and the changes from v0.3 at:

For the brave ones who got v0.3 last week there is a patch to 
take you to v0.3.1 in:

The new release should become available via anonymous ftp from in pub/archive/support/latex2html ***soon***.

Nikos Drakos
Computer Based Learning Unit
University of Leeds.