Fill-out form support (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 93 04:47:40 -0500
From: (Marc Andreessen)
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Subject: Fill-out form support
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Marc Andreessen writes:
> Pei Y. Wei writes:
> > 	<LI><INPUT name="toppings" type="check" value="artichoke">Artichoke
> > 	<LI><INPUT name="toppings" type="check" value="mushroom">Mushroom
> > 	<LI><INPUT name="toppings" type="check" value="olive">Olive
> > 	<LI><INPUT name="toppings" type="check" value="pastrami">Pastrami
> Following up my previous note, my suggestions leave unsolved the
> problem of how to represent a situation like the above, where a single
> name can have two or more values.  Two possibilities:
> * Multiple name=value pairs with the name repeated each time.
> * A special syntax for representing multiple values; e.g. 
>   name=value|value|value
> First one probably makes more sense, and parallels Pei's approach.

...........and in fact that's what we just implemented.  For the
latest on what we're doing for prerelease 3, see:

(It's changed considerably in the last couple of hours...)

Prerelease 3 will probably be released tomorrow (today -- Sunday --
whatever) for people to bang on; lots of things may not completely
work (Gopher, news, bulletproofness, etc.) but lots of things do
(including all the forms stuff detailed in that document).