Re: Submitting input-form data to server (Henning G. Schulzrinne)
Message-id: <>
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 93 21:57:32 EDT
From: (Henning G. Schulzrinne)
Subject: Re: Submitting input-form data to server
Status: RO
Pei Wei writes:

> Definitely worthwhile. Now, a question is, should we add another
> attribute into the INPUT element to specify the local default-variable? 
> Or do we overload the "name" attribute to be both the INPUT identifier
> *and* the default variable identifier?
> It seems safer if we keep the default-variable identifiers in their own 
> name space... So, I'd suggest that another attribute (say, "localvar")
> be added into the INPUT element. (more HTML+ tweaking!)
> This way, you'd say ``<INPUT name="org" localvar="ORGANIZATION">'',
> and the local default value could (on Unix) easily get picked up from 
> the environment variable "ORGANIZATION".
I'm not sure that's really necessary since the variable name wouldn't
be displayed, so a single name space seems ok. (I'm thinking of
multilingual forms here, which could still use the same 'name' fields
for automated processing.) I envision using a table read by the client
with default mappings from name to local value.

Is there a good case where the same 'name' would result in two
different 'localvar'?

I'd like to keep this simple initially, since we really don't have a 
whole lot of experience with forms-over-the-net. The simpler, the more
likely we get the parsers/translators right, not just within Xmosaic.

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