Re: Web trends (Jonathan Abbey)
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 13:03:55 CDT
From: (Jonathan Abbey)
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: Web trends
Status: RO
It seems that what would be really nice would be to have some kind of
programmatic interface, so that a document becomes ever-so-slightly
differently structured when the user has come from a particular
place to the current document.  Perhaps links could have a *simple*
programming language associated with them (if-then-else, variables), and
clicking on a link could set a variable that could be tested for at
a later time.  It would seem that this would give maximum generality,
even though it would be a serious divergence from the current model, requiring
significantly greater interaction with browsers.  Such interaction could
easily be made optional, however.. ^_^

Are there any good uses for having href/link's that do something different
according to the user's navigation history that is not addressed by the
LINK spec?  I confess to being largely ignorant of LINKs, but I wanted
to throw out this notion..

Jonathan Abbey
Applied Research Laboratories
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas