Re: tkWWW_0.9, SPARC, Solaris2

Joseph Wang <>
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To: Guenter Feldmann <>
Subject: Re: tkWWW_0.9, SPARC, Solaris2 
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Date: Wed, 08 Sep 93 00:03:54 EDT
From: Joseph Wang <>
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|> I tried to install tkWWW0.9 on our Solaris2 systems. The File
|> HTFile.c did not compile without modifications:

Thie file you are referring to is basically that of the core CERN
libwww 2.09a library.  I've forwarded your message to the mailing list to see if anyone there has ideas on what to do.

|> 	1. NGROUPS was not defined in any include file. But there
|> 	   was a define for NGROUPS_MAX (16) in /usr/include/limits.h.
|> 	   I used that instead of NGROUPS.
|> 	2. d_namlen did not exist. I used strlen(d_name).

|> After these modifications i could complie and link everything with

|> Now, when I start tkWWW I get the starting page from
|> But when I click on a hpertext butten ( e.g. Author ) tkWWW prompts
|> with the message 
|> 		"Server process no longer exists".

|> After ack. tkWWW dies with the following message:

|> tkerror failed to handle background error.
|>     Original error: file "file7" isn't open
|>     Error in tkerror: can't invoke "toplevel" command:  application has been
|> destroyed
|> Segmentation fault

|> Any hint about what I could have done wrong?

|> Guenter
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