Re: front-end for interactively controlling xmosaic from command line (Omy Ronquillo)
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 09:15:27 PDT
From:  (Omy Ronquillo)
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Subject: Re: front-end for interactively controlling xmosaic from command 
In-reply-to: Mail from ' (Marc Andreessen)'
      dated: Tue, 7 Sep 93 21:16:37 -0500
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One of the things that I meant to comment about which might really be
appropriate probably for the folks at Berkeley is an mpeg_player with
similar controls to audiotool. I know, this has nothing to do with
mosaic but I thought I'd pass this thought to this distribution.

Maybe something like this already exist and I am not aware.

As far as a slide show is concerned, I second the motion to have something
like this capability

How can I observe this with 2.0Pre3?

}This all sounds great!  New stuff in 2.0pre3 and later include the
}ability to pull down images, sounds, etc. without having the display
}go out to lunch, scrolling directives, etc.

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> writes:
> > In your message of Thu, 02 Sep 93 10:47:50 PDT, you say:
> > 
> > >
> > >In my spare time, i wrote this small script which acts as a
> > >front-end for controlling NCSA's xmosaic WWW browser interactively
> > >from command line. I personally found it very useful. You may ftp this 
> > >program called "ss" or slideshow from:
> > 
> > I too am interested in this problem. We have started here at our site to put
> > together some interactive slide-show control programs. They are written in
> > Tk/Tcl, and give X-based control over a slide-show. These can either be
> > timed, so that every so often a new "slide" is displayed ( This slide can
> > be any URL that XMosaic can handle), and also allows for multiple items to be 
> > forked. 
> > Also, it can be used as a slide player, with Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind and
> > Forward buttons. Future additions will include sequencing to sounds  and 
> > movies.
> > 
> > This is still very beta, but any interest should be directed to
> > OR (authors)
> > 
> > Any discussion on features that could/should be incorporated would be
> > welcome.
> Cheers,
> Marc
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