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Matt Heffron <>
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Subject: Re: uh oh -- halp! 
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Date: Wed, 08 Sep 1993 13:56:22 -0700
From: Matt Heffron <>
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>>  I have an option.  Don't mess with the CR LF stuff, just add a way
>>  to indentify the protocol.  If HTTP servers identified themselves at
>>  startup by saying "welcome: HTTP/1.0", or something like that, then we
>>  would know exactly what to send and expect.  This would solve alot
>>  of current problems and some BIG future problems as well.
>>  :lou
>But won't this require 2 round trips for every document.  First ask
>the server its HTTP version, then send the request.  Massive slowdown
>it seems to me.
>	Eric

Worse than that, clients that CAN take HTTP/1.0 will wait for a
REAL LONG TIME for HTTP0 servers to identify themselves.  ;-)

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