Re: uh oh -- halp! (Robert S. Thau)
From: (Robert S. Thau)
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 17:05:03 EDT
Message-id: <9309082105.AA17060@volterra>
Subject: Re: uh oh -- halp! 
Status: RO
Eric Bina writes ...

> 2)  Change HTTP0.  As I understand it, an HTTP0 server right now, to
>     process an HTTP/1.0 request reads first the command (Usually GET),
>     Then the URL.  It throws away everything from the URL to CR LF.
>     We could modify this slightly to instead throw away eveything up
>     to the terminator for HTTP/1.0 (Which I think is CR LF CR LF).
>     This would mean upgrading all the current HTTP0 servers and shell
>     scripts.  It should be an easy update, just change the terminating
>     sequence.  The biggest headache here is what to do about old HTTP0
>     clients.  They would hang on the new HTTP0 servers, because they would
>     never send the right terminating sequence.  

It may be possible to get rid of this headache, by having modified HTTP0
servers look for the blank line as a terminator *only* if the HTTP/1.0
protocol identifier is part of the GET request on the first line.  The idea
is that an HTTP0 request:

  GET /some/url/or/other[CRLF]

is handled as before, while an HTTP/1.0 request

  GET /some/url/or/other HTTP/1.0[CRLF]
  More: headers go here[CRLF]

is (properly) slurped up completely before the server starts sending back

Or am I missing something?  :-|...