A Caenorhabditis elegans Data Base

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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 93 11:31:13 +0200
From: decoux@moulon.inra.fr (ts)
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Subject: A Caenorhabditis elegans Data Base
Status: RO

 Gateway WWW-ACEDB

 If you want to consult biologic databases, try :

   * "http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb/acedb.html" to consult "A Caenorhabditis
elegans Data Base" (ACeDB).

   * "http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb/mycdb.html" to consult "Mycobacterium
DataBase". "Mycobacterium DataBase" is funded by the WHO and the Fondation
Raoul Follereau and is maintained by the Unite de Genetique Moleculaire
Bacterienne at the Institut Pasteur.

 ACEDB is the database program written for the nematode genome project by
Richard Durbin (rd@mrc-lmc.cam.ac.uk), and Jean Thierry-Mieg

 To consult these databases, you can : 

    * If you know syntax of ACEDB commands, enter your query in "SearchText".
    * otherwise you can make a complete Consultation of the database.  

 For more precisions, about ACEDB syntax, just enter "help".

 If you want to create an ACEDB gateway, see (or contact me) :

          "http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb_conf.html"  (version francaise)


 * With "SearchText", you can enter ACEDB commands, NOT keywords.

 * for users of CERN WWW browser : "FIND" is also a command of ACEDB, if
you want to use it, you must enter "FIND FIND ...". Example :

            FIND FIND Chromosome

Guy Decoux