Re: HELP: Running X/Mosaic from behind a firewall

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You write:
>   My question is: has anyone successfully done this before? If so,
>   can you offer any hints? Tips? Pointers? Dereferences? 

The socks package was supposed to support a proxy XMosaic server (see
attached message, below). A quick look at the ftp location mentioned
below shows a 
<A HREF="file://">newer version</a>, 
dated August 10th, maybe it will do what you want?

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'' mailing list. Send mail containing
'subscribe firewalls' to

> Date:    Fri, 09 Jul 1993 11:59:41 CDT
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> From:    (Ying-Da Lee)
> Subject: Wanted: testers for SOCKS (Was:  Firewall Software request)
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> The SOCKS package that I recent made available allows
> you to define access control on a per user basis, so
> it can deal with 1), 2), and 3). You should be able
> to compile and run the server daemon on your Sun.
> The ftp and telnet clients should be easy for Sun
> workstations and, with a bit more work, other Unix
> machines. I assume porting them for VM or VMS might
> be a lot of work.
> The current version of SOCKS package (server with
> finger/telnet/ftp/xgopher clients) is available
> with anonymous ftp from
> ( in directory pub/security, the file
> name is socks.cstc.930629.tar.Z.
> A newer version is coming. It will include an xmosaic
> client which allows access to WWW/Gopher/Hytelnet/ftp
> and other goodies, assuming that I can get permission
> from the NCSA folks. It will also have the network/host
> byte order mess cleaned up, which is the major hurdle
> for porting the current version to machines with different
> endian-isms. Since I have only Suns here (and no 386i's),
> I really can't see whether I caught them all. Would
> anyone on this list with machines of mixed endian-isms
> want to volunteer for testing?
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Hope this helps...
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