Re: output of "www -source gopher:..."

Martin Hamilton <>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1993 14:30:59 +0100 (BST)
From: Martin Hamilton <>
Subject: Re: output of "www -source gopher:..."
To: Bill Janssen <>
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Bill Janssen said:

> Sounds right to me.  It's nice that "www -source" simply returns
> whatever the server on the far end sent.  If you then want to mark up
> non-HTML things to be HTML on the client side in your app, that would be
> OK too.  But please don't convert
> to HTML for me, thanks.

To add another variable - I think the results of running
"www -source ..." depend on the version of the www client you're
running, e.g. with a really old one we happened to have here...

% www -source "ftp://genie"
<TITLE>Welcome  directory</TITLE><H1>Welcome</H1><DIR><LI><A
HREF="/" NAME=""></A><LI><A HREF="/bin"
NAME="">bin</A><LI><A HREF="/dev" NAME="">dev</A><LI><A HREF="/etc"
NAME="">etc</A><LI><A HREF="/g2alexhack" NAME="">g2alexhack</A><LI><A
HREF="/g2nntp" NAME="">g2nntp</A><LI><A HREF="/"
NAME=""></A><LI><A HREF="/incoming" NAME="">incoming</A><LI><A
NAME="">mofe_staticXm_sparc_4.1.x.gz</A><LI><A HREF="/moog-0.0.sparc.Z"
NAME="">moog-0.0.sparc.Z</A><LI><A HREF="/moog-0.0.tar.Z"
NAME="">moog-0.0.tar.Z</A><LI><A HREF="/moog-pre0.2"
NAME="">moog-pre0.2</A><LI><A HREF="/murf" NAME="">murf</A><LI><A
HREF="/new-moog.gif" NAME="">new-moog.gif</A><LI><A HREF="/pub"
HREF="/scarlet" NAME="">scarlet</A><LI><A HREF="/softy"
NAME="">softy</A><LI><A HREF="/suit" NAME="">suit</A><LI><A HREF="/usr"
NAME="">usr</A><LI><A HREF="/xmdag.README" NAME="">xmdag.README</A><LI><A
HREF="/xmdag.tar.Z" NAME="">xmdag.tar.Z</A></DIR>

(HREFs appear in the gopher output too, BTW :-)