Re: Your views on changes to HTML+

"Timo Harmo - SocSci U of Helsinki" <>
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From: "Timo Harmo - SocSci U of Helsinki"  <>
Date:         16 Sep 93 20:05:24 EET DST
Subject:      Re: Your views on changes to HTML+
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>     Miscellaneous tags:
>         <sub>, <sub>, <footnote>, <margin>

Is <margin> like /marginpar in Latex? I hope it is, I am missing
them. But marginpar's are presenteation stuff. What is the functional

I have used them in books for three functions: subheadings,
short summaries (of what is important in the
present paragraph) and anchors to help readers find the
exact places that are referred to from some other page.

The following are not suggestions of what should be done,
just first thoughts about how to tackle the stuff
(I do wish it tackled, I have some 300 pp. latex stuff full of
marginpars that i'd like to convert to html):

Subheading stuff could be just presentation (<h4> could be
a marginpar eg.).

Anchors could also be presentation (all anchor names presented as
marginpars), or maybe there could be a new parameter like <a name=xyz
why="explanation why this part is referred to from somewhere else">

Summaries could maybe also be parameters <p sum="....">.