Re: New version of the emacs WWW Browser (William Perry)
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Date: Fri, 17 Sep 1993 06:40:51 -0500
To: (Heiko Muenkel),,
From: (William Perry)
Subject: Re: New version of the emacs WWW Browser
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At 09:37 AM 9/17/93 +0200, Heiko Muenkel wrote:
>> From Fri Sep 17 01:04:45 1993
>>    For those of you who don't know what the emacs browser is, it is a world 
>> wide web browser written entirely in emacs lisp.  It has support for 
>> mulitple fonts when in xwindows (epoch,emacs19, and lucid emacs), and 
>> graphics (epoch version only).  It is fully HTTP/1.0 compliant, and is on 
>I've heard, that the epoch and the lucid emacs will be merged and that a lot
>of the work is done in the current release 19.8. Has anyone tested if the
>graphics features of the w3- package are now working also in the lemacs ?

   Nope, no graphics merge yet.  Although from the discussion during the 
beta test of 19.8 it doesn't sound like it will be too far off (like 19.9 or 

   A few problems with the release I sent out...

1) Deleting/adding hotlist items doesn't update the menubar in emacs19.  I'm 
   working on this, and hope to have it done today, but the emacs19    
implementation of menus as keymaps is odd to work with.

2) Links within headers don't work in emacs18.  Should be easy enough to 
fix,    just need to muck with how I store the information for the zones.

3) One or two formatting problems

4) Problem with viewers (non-MIME?)- trying to do a car on a string 
somewhere    - should be easy to track down with the debugger.

   I plan on working on these today, and hopefully getting them done before 
I leave town for the weekend.

   Just so you know these bugs have been reported and are being worked on. :)

Thanks for all the bug reports,
        Bill P.

William M. Perry (