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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 93 12:07:50 +0200
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Subject: Web<>Net.  Re: Web presentation stuff at HCC
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I like the material!  I haven't set up the slide show
yet but the "Entering WWW - Guide to Cyberspace" is
a neat summary.  

One minor but important comment.  I don't think it
is true that the term "World-Wide Web" is or should
be `rapidly becoming synonymous with'
"The Internet".  A lot of people might object
to that, and it may cause some confusion.

I normally describe WWW as

o  Primarily the ideas, concepts and  initiaitive for
	global information as started at CERN;

o  The set of protocols which allow the idea to happen

o  The global body of information available using
   those protocols (HTTP, but also the older ones)

The "Web" is different from the "Net".  The "Web" is
a body of information, an abstract space of knowledge.
The Internet is a set of wires and routers.

	Web:Net    ::	Mind:Brain	:-)

When people explore the Internet they find hosts. When
they explore the Web, they find information and
abstract objects.