ALT tag used in IMG (frans van hoesel)
From: (frans van hoesel)
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Subject: ALT tag used in IMG
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Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1993 18:47:34 +0100 (DST)
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For support in linemode browsers (and possibly in the iconic images that marc
has added to the latest release of xmosaic ...Hi marc, you can perhaps use
it as a title:-) I want to use the ALT tag as suggested to me by Lou.

the ALT tag goes like
<img src="some_url" alt="some title"> 
The text "some title is displayed in place of the image on line mode browsers
instead of the default text [IMAGE]. ALT can be have the value "" in which case
nothing is printed.
This seems to me a very useful extension. I added it already to the first
page of the expo, and that gave great improvement of the line mode
view of the world.

However I see no such tag in the html+ definition (Mine may be old though)

can I use this tag, should I, will it be part of HTML+
(I'm hoping for three times yes here :-)

any comments are appreciated (you can leave them on the EXPO bulletin board
if you want to)

- frans