Web description; new changes to guide

kevinh@pulua.hcc.hawaii.edu (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 93 11:37:59 HST
From: kevinh@pulua.hcc.hawaii.edu (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)
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Subject: Web description; new changes to guide
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> >From a glance at the Guide it looks lovely.  But Tim's absolutely
> right -- WWW is *not* the Internet, and such confusion should be
> avoided, especially in an intro document.  In other quarters,
> people think Usenet News *is* the Internet.  Others may think
> Gopher *is* the Internet.  Others may have e-mail-only access to
> the Internet -- what are they to believe, that they're not really
> using the Internet?  In light of Tim's analogies, it's not the same
> situation as xerox: photocopy; if anything, that doesn't give WWW
> fair credit for its unique features.

	That's true - so, going along with some really good suggestions,
I've made some changes to the guide:

The appendices have been moved into separate files, so the guide can
be printed without them (and Appendix C was meant for local presentations
in Hawaii anyway). The sites described in Appendix B are now in Mosaic hotlist
form so you can use it to browse around. (Brings me to another question -
is the hotlist format the same for Windows and Mac Mosaic also?)

Using some of Tim's wording, I've changed the Web description, so hopefully
the difference between the Internet and the Web is a little more clear
and precise.

The appendices are at


The hotlist is at


And just because I like it, a demo starting image (it's in color) is at


	-- Kevin