Re: <inc> in ncsa server (Charles Henrich)
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From: (Charles Henrich)
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Subject: Re: <inc> in ncsa server
To: www-talk-request (Rob McCool)
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1993 11:27:06 -0400 (EDT)
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> This way, it would be "just another document conversion" to the server, and
> if we agree on a standard preprocessing format, it will work on all servers
> that support it. It also does not add tags to HTML which really don't belong
> in HTML itself.

> What do you think?

Well I can see one problem with it, and thats that it will take alot more work
to produce the document on the fly.  The server has to ingest it, pass it off
to the preprocessor, which then hands it back.  Also how would you include the
output of programs in such a method?  Just seems like its a lot more work for
what essentially would accomplish the same thing.  A lot more work for the
people who have to code it to.


    Charles Henrich     Michigan State University