NCSA httpd Beta testers (Rob McCool)
Message-id: <>
From: (Rob McCool)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 16:25:25 -0500
X-Mailer: Mail User's Shell (7.2.5 10/14/92)
Subject: NCSA httpd Beta testers

Hi, I would like to find a group of web server administrators who use NCSA
httpd and would be willing to test new versions of httpd on their servers
before the release, on a different port but with the same config. This will
help me ensure that future releases are not as buggy as 1.0a3* was, and can
also help you provide feedback and/or suggestions about new features before
the features go into general use and become more troublesome to change.

If you're interested, mail me back and I'll set something up.