problem with gatewaying

Markus Stumpf <>
Subject: problem with gatewaying
From: Markus Stumpf <>
Date: 	Fri, 22 Oct 1993 00:01:56 +0100
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I have just noticed a problem with xmosaic-2.0pre6 which may be in
the new generic libwww code.

I have
	export WWW_http_GATEWAY WWW_gopher_GATEWAY

On this gateway machine is a server based on ncsa-httpd-0.5 which only
forwards html requests and tries to handle gopher-requests (formatting,
etc) by itself.

Now I have noticed a problem which hasn't been there at least in
xmosaic-2.0pre2 (which used the old libwww I think).

Prior my server got gateways-requests as
but now I only get
    GET /

Anyone knows what to do?

P.S. Marc (Andreessen): I had problems with xmosaic-pre6 not loading certain
     images (inlined AND "direct") which went away when I used
     ncsa-httpd-1.0a3 instead of ncsa-httpd-0.5. Maybe this is a
     HTTP-1.0/not-HTTP-1.0 problem. However the 0.5 server said the image
     was delivered.
     Saw this topic in the "bugs" list.
 Markus Stumpf                        Markus.Stumpf@Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE