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       SIGWAIS/SIGNIDR III At the NLM (12 November 1993)

After the successes of SIGWAIS I and II (held at the US Geological Survey
and the Library of Congress), the Lister Hill Center at the National Library
of Medicine is pleased to be sponsoring SIGWAIS/SIGNIDR III, to be held at
the NLM on Friday 12 November 1993, planned in collaboration with CNIDR
(the Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval).

This special interest group dealing with network-based information retrieval
is in the process of being renamed from SIGWAIS to SIGNIDR (Special Interest
Group for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval), reflecting the
diversity of methods in use for information retrieval, and avoiding any
appearance of affiliation with the recently formed commercial venture,
WAIS, Inc.

SIGWAIS/SIGNIDR III is open to all interested parties, though the number of
attendees will be limited by the seating capacity of the meeting facilities.

This session of SIGWAIS/SIGNIDR will take full advantage of the
high bandpass audiovisual and Ethernet networks at the Lister Hill Center;
the session will be televised live over the Internet network by means
of the experimental MBONE multicasting technology,
and taped highlights will be made available after the meeting.
The technology the meeting is intended to discuss will be made an
integral part of the meeting: we have banned overhead projectors,
and speakers will be presenting their lecture aids using multimedia/hypertext
displayed via NCSA Mosaic and projected on a large screen in the auditorium
(we hope to preserve the meeting in on-line form for later access over
the Internet).

You may obtain fuller details and a registration application by one
of four means:

1) Point your Mosaic or other World Wide Web client to the URL:

   and examine the section entitled Calendar of Events

2) Use anonymous ftp to connect to the host, 
   and copy the file: ~ftp/pub/signidr.txt

3) Send electronic mail to:

4) Contact the meeting registrar:

      Capitol Consulting Corp.
      Attn.: Janis E. Brose / SIGNIDR
      11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 350
      Rockville MD 20852 USA
      (301)468-6001  (301)468-0338 (fax)

DEMONSTRATIONS: If you are interested in holding a demonstration in one of
the special areas to be set up in the lobby area, please contact either
R. P. C. Rodgers (, 301-496-9300) or Kevin Gamiel
(, 919-248-1499).


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