Re: Please Tables in HTML+

Reed Wade <>
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To: Dave_Raggett <>
Subject: Re: Please Tables in HTML+ 
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Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1993 10:46:52 -0500
From: Reed Wade <>

>I propose we define the compliance of browsers with HTML+ in terms
>of a sequence of levels:
>    Level 0     Plain old HTML with HR and BR etc.

[ stuff deleted ]

>    Level 5     Level 4 + math
>This takes the pressure off browser writers and gives them staged goals.
>Documents could indicate their level in the HTMLPLUS element. We can argue
>precisely what is and what isn't in each level on www-talk. I will then
>document this in a revision to the HTML+ Internet Draft.

I'm all for identifying functional differences in browsers for sanity's
sake. It would be a big win for everybody.

Actually tho, I'd prefer somthing a little more discontinuous. Math
is very important for our browser, tables less so. Math support will
likely be the first thing I add from html+. (Unless Math wont work
correctly without the other levels of functionality.)

Would it be reasonable to describe sets of functionality rather than

Reed Wade