getsites 1.6 is out (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 93 17:41:54 HST
From: (Kevin 'Kev' Hughes)
Message-id: <9311060341.AA09738@pulua.hcc.Hawaii.Edu>
Subject: getsites 1.6 is out

        *getsites* is a small C program that will produce detailed, concise,
weekly, or daily reports from your Web server. Here's the details:

        * Works with CERN, NCSA, Plexus, and GN log files.
        * All reports are in the same consistent format.
        * All reports include server name and type, GMT and local date,
          total requests last 7 days, unique hosts last 7 days,
          total unique hosts, number of HTML and non-HTML requests,
          total number of requests, and date coverage.
        * Detailed report includes IP addresses and host name,
          number of host requests, and last access date.
        * Weekly and daily reports are in vertical bar-chart format,
          with number of requests for each week or day.
        * You can choose to ignore numerical addresses beginning with
          a certain string.
        * getsites can take standard input, so you can pipe stuff to it.
        * getsites can use a previous full getsites report to lookup
          addresses both ways (this really speeds things up).

	Problems of getsites hanging or spewing out megabytes of endless junk
(sorry about that) should be fixed, along with the major #include file
related problems! System-V specific time functions have been removed and
rewritten in ANSI C, so hopefully you'll be able to compile this
thing just about anywhere.
	An great improvement in speed has been made, particularly for those
analyzing logs with lots of host names. GN users can specify (in a #define)
whether they want to log Gopher as well as HTML accesses.
	Triple thanks to those who contributed patches and suggestions,
who know who you are.

        You can find out more at:

        Or just grab the source at:


        -- Kevin

Kevin Hughes
Honolulu Community College WWW site maintainer