NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 available (Marc Andreessen)
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 93 21:14:34 -0800
From: (Marc Andreessen)
Message-id: <>
Subject: NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 available
Ladies and gentlemen, next to last in the long series of moments we've
all been waiting for... in /Mosaic/prerelease.  Source, plus binaries for
Sun, IBM, SGI.

This prerelease should be the final step on the road to 2.0.  With
luck, the real 2.0 release will be in a day or two.  Please stress the
prerelease out and report any serious problems to us ASAP.

There are no known crash conditions, other than a few obscure
system-related problems (e.g. crash in XtKeysymToKeycodeList) that we
can't find ways to work around.  If this prerelease crashes on you for
any reason, please report the crash with a full dbx stack traceback.

As before, thanks MUCH to all the prerelease testers who have sent in
feedback and bug reports -- your help is making 2.0 into a vastly
better product than it could otherwise be.

If you make this prerelease available to normal users, please make
sure they understand that it is not a full, stable release and that it
may have a few problems and instabilities.

Changes and additions in this prerelease include:

 o Renamed executable 'Mosaic' and application class name 'Mosaic'. User
   X resources and system app defaults files should be updated as necessary. 
 o Implemented FORM METHOD="POST" with optional 
 o Implemented TEXTAREA as described in the current (11/2) HTML+ spec. 
 o Fixed bugs with image caching (particularly with very small image cache
   sizes) and multiple open windows. 
 o Scrolled lists with nothing selected now return nothing. 
 o Fixed coredump opportunity in GUI part of authentication code (Marc's
   fault, not Ari's). 
 o Fixed glitch with spinning icon and deferred image loading. 
 o Quotes (") in OPTIONs now work. 
 o Radio buttons no longer allowed to be "none of many" (document writers
   should make one of the buttons checked by default -- if you think you
   want to allow "none of many" behavior, just throw in a "none of the
   above" radio button). 
 o Image input elements whose images are deferred no longer have a
   hyperlink available in the deferred image icon. 
 o Fixed glitch with exploding Gopher/FTP icons in some cases. 
 o Force allowShellResize to false on Mosaic shell windows to avoid some
   stupid window manager bugs. 
 o "I have noticed that Mosaic 2.0pre6 does not properly scroll horizontally
   when a preformatted <PRE> declared document is wider than the
   window." Also gopher://
 o Fixed coredump opportunity when temporary directory (TMPDIR) is
 o Fixed coredump opportunities when interrupting NNTP connects and
   reads and when including inlined images in news articles (yikes). 
 o Fixed bad PostScript output of documents with titles with embedded
 o Fixed problems in PostScript code on DEC Alphas (hopefully). 
 o Fixed another coredump opportunity in GIF reading code. 
 o Fixed glitch in simplying URLs like 'http://blargh.blah.:8001/'. 
 o Password entry fields in forms now obey the MAXLENGTH attribute. 
 o Changed default DEC Ultrix and Alpha audio player to "aplay" (c.f.
 o Tried to make handling of HTTP network writes more elegant, in case
   some HTTP0 server really confuses things. 
 o Additional performance optimizations in HTML widget. 
 o New colorful spinning globe icon. 
 o Final interface tweaks, according to the advice of our user interface and
   visual design expert. 
 o Fixed compilation glitches on a couple different platforms. 
 o A few miscellaneous minor cleanups. 

Comments and feedback much appreciated -- however, remember: THIS IS


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (MIME welcomed here)