Re: xmosaic command line arg for geometry

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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 11:07:11 PST
From: brian@eit.COM (Brian Smithson)
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        "xmosaic command line arg for geometry" (Nov  7,  6:51pm)
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Subject: Re: xmosaic command line arg for geometry
On Nov 7,  6:51pm, wrote:
> Subject: xmosaic command line arg for geometry
> Is there an xmosaic command line arg for geometry?  I've tried the
> typical xterm arg, which don't seem to work and I can't find reference
> to it in any of the documentation.  
> Rich
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Just last weekend, I had a desperate need to control geometry for a
self-running demo on Monday :-).  I tried just about everything, and
found a way to do it.

In app-defaults, or .Xdefaults, or (as I did) merged into xrdb, set the
following X resource:

XMosaic*geometry: WxH+X+Y

where W, H, X, and Y are the usual parameters for a -geometry command line

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