Cello Beta r9 released

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Subject: Cello Beta r9 released
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Cello Beta version .9 is hereby released.  Pick it up from 
ftp.law.cornell.edu, in the pub/LII/Cello directory.  With 
luck, this will be the last beta release.

Among the more important features of this release is a 
completely revised help system which should be taken as the 
authoritative documentation for Cello.  Please send feedback.

Fixed in this release:

--Some lingering problems with whitespace folding eliminated.
--Slight adjustment made to color-palette handling.
--Improper handling of direct launches to Gophers on 
non-standard ports fixed.
--Problems related to transfers of multiple graphics files were 
repaired, except in the case of the FTP Software winsock (see note below).
--Problems related to FTP transfer-hanging were fixed.
--Assorted problems and annoyances with bookmarks fixed.
--Problem with "empty anchors" crashing Cello eliminated; it 
now tolerates <A HREF=>An empty anchor</A>.
--Assorted problems related to font selection were fixed.
--Inversion of .xbm images (interestingly enough reported by 
only 2 Alert Cellists) repaired.

Enhanced/added in this release:

--Printing of graphics is now supported, though there is as yet 
no halftoning or dithering.  This enhancement also repaired 
problems with printing of certain text structures like nested 
lists and the <HR> horizontal rule.

--A "stop transfer" feature is now implemented via a visible 

--Drag and drop of files is now supported.  Basically, when you 
drop a file on Cello, one of two things happens:

   1) if the file extension is .URL, Cello expects that the 
   file will contain a valid URL as the first line of the file, 
   and will launch to that resource.
   2) any other file is expected to be HTML.
-- A "peek mode" is implemented.  If you hold down the CTRL key 
while clicking on a link to a Gopher or HTTP server, only the 
first 4K of the file will be retrieved.  This is especially 
useful in the case of large Gopher files posted without warning 
as to size.

-- Ad hoc launches of TN3270 clients are now supported via the 

-- ISMAP is now supported.

Known problems:

FTP Software's winsock has trouble with rapid-fire, successive 
transfer of small graphics files, in part because limited 
numbers of sockets are available and in part because they don't 
close quickly.  The problem is perhaps most visible when 
viewing the GNN home page.  A solution is in the works.


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