Re: Future browsers...

Bob Stayton <>
From: Bob Stayton <>
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Subject: Re: Future browsers...
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 93 10:02:22 PST
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> From: Tony Sanders <>
> That's exactly what <LINK REV="UseGlossary" HREF="...">
> per
> is supposed to do.  <LINK>/REL/REV seem to be the most misunderstood
> (or at least under-implemented) part of the WWW design.

To put large documents online in modular form, LINKs are
essential.  At minimum, we could really use Next, Previous, 
Table of Contents, and Index buttons on the interface
that are activated by appropriate LINKs in a document.

Beyond that, implementing section hierarchy LINKs would
be very useful, especially if there was some way to print
out a section with its children in the proper order.
Currently, printing out a webbed document is tedious
and prone to error in reassembly.