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>Paul Everitt writes:
>> Hi sportsfans.
>> Is anyone doing WWW-Sybase?
>Well, as long as we are diversifying, is anyone doing 
>Steve Waterbury

A possible starting point for WWW database integration might be 
a single gateway for dbperl (a standard database interface for
Perl). Although dbperl is still under development there are several
SQL interfaces defined according to this "standard".

More information on dbperl is available at

Here is an extract from
by Tim Bunce <>:

* Existing SQL Database Interfaces for Perl
oraperl   ORACLE 6 & 7  By Kevin Stock
sybperl   SYBASE 4      By Michael Peppler,,
sqlperl   INGRES        By Ted Lemon,
isqlperl  INFORMIX      By William Hails,
interperl INTERBASE     By Buzz Moschetti,
uniperl   UNIFY 5.0     By Rick Wargo,
pgperl    POSTGRES      By Igor Metz,

* Non-SQL Databases and Database Interfaces for Perl and/or /bin/sh
rdb      RDB is a perl RDBMS. By Walt Hobbs,
shql     SHQL is an interactive SQL database engine.  Written as a shell
          script, SHQL interprets SQL commands and manipulates flat files
          based on those commands. By Bruce Momjian, root@candle.uucp



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