html draft, graphics, nets, lattice, buttons ... (Alejandro Rivero)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1993 20:45:35 +0000 (GMT)
From: (Alejandro Rivero)
Subject: html draft, graphics, nets, lattice, buttons ...
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I have just read the draft 13 july 93 on html and taking a look on
the graphics embedding proposals, from IMG (html optional in the
RFC) to the htmlplus suggestions. It is really obscure... Could 
you clarify me which format would I actually use if I want to
include a "clickable" graphic or map in a html document? Which
clients can read such protocols?

By other hand, if we follow the RFC, it results we can draw a
map by using  a combination of formatted text and
embbeded graphics. This has the advantage of backward compatibilty,
and even vt100-compatiblility. So I wonder if this possibility would
be remarked when specifing the new format.
Surely a text-formmated document with something as
a LINETO command could be suitable for drawing maps and nets,
and a terminal-oriented browser would simply ignore such drawing
commands, but we could browse into the doc anyway.

				-Alejandro Rivero


===============Old Comments follow===============================

If you allow an image, then suppose we also allow some content which  
includes anchors with x,y coordinates within the image. Then the
document can intercept mouse clicks and allow hypergraphics

I don't want to change HTML now if I can help it, until it has gone
to RFC track

 HMML is in fact already an extension of HTML for multimedia from  
O'Reilly.  There are similar extenstions from NCSA.  We just have to  
standardize on them for the next DTD which we define.  HTML was  
checkpointed so as not to make a moving target.  NCSA's (released)  
Mosaic for X handles embedded images in the hypertext, as does  
O'Reilly's (unreleased) Viola.

This is a pre-announcement that Mosaic 1.1 will include support for
Tony Sanders' ISMAP attribute as part of IMG elements (see for details) as an HTML

I realize that this is another unplanned change that I'm making
without getting a consensus or having it added to the spec or
whatever.  I also realize that, as with the IMG tag, it may be used
fairly widely in documents on the net even though it's not part of the
HTML spec, possibly making those documents not as friendly to other
browsers (although I hear the next Midas will support this, and
really, it's not that complex to add to an existing image-capable


Something like ISMAP is what you'd want for applications like, say,
a cartographic service, where the user could select an area (mouseDown
for x0,y0, mouseUp for x1,y1), and have the selected area sent to the
server, which will return the image (or vectors) for the new area.
And in the future (with common availability of 3D pointing devices :-) 
this should be easily extensible to 3D-space selection. 


So, as I've indicated to Tony before off www-talk, I feel that both are
necessary and have their respective uses. In HMML (my working version 
anyway-- have to sync it with Dave), there's a FIGURE tag which could 
be used in the following ways (fictitious services):
Pei Y. Wei
O'Reilly & Associates

... and a lot more.