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Thus wrote "Q. Alex Zhao" <> on Thu, 25 Nov 93 13:12:33 EST:

> Can X-Mosaic handle "synchronized media"? Basically, I want the
> following effect:
>  - There's a link; when I click on it, I will get a MPEG movie _AND_
>    some audio information.
>  - Based on the first one, can the audio part somehow synchronize with
>    the video part at some certain points, like there may be some
>    interesting points in the video, and when I see one, I will hear the
>    corresponding audio explanation...
> Can Mosaic do these?

Not really, no.  I'm currently trying to write a proposal to RARE to
add better multimedia presentation facilities to WWW along the lines of
John Larmouth's message and yours.  The list will have a chance to
review it in January some time (I hope!).


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