Re: International Document Server Support

Tony Sanders <>
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To: (David Koblas)
Subject: Re: International Document Server Support 
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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1993 12:18:23 -0600
From: Tony Sanders <>
> Has anyone given this any thought, here is my problem/idea?
Yes, this is a core part of the WWW design (though still unimplemented).

> What I'm trying to do is create a WWW server that has multiple language
> Now how to solve this problem;  I would think the best way to solve this
> is to have a clients post a message that they accept:
>         language/norwegian
>         language/english
> is this reasonable, or should there be a better way?

Well, you wouldn't use "language/english" but pretty close.  What you
do is pass this information along with the Accept: headers, e.g.:
    Accept: plain/text,language="ISO3316",charset="..."
Of course, the server must be configured to do something useful with
this information (which nobody does yet), but your server could.
Also, you'll need the user's client to be able to configure this information.

Some more information in this general area: