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Tony Sanders <>
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Subject: Re: Is there any caching ... 
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Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1993 12:19:09 -0500
From: Tony Sanders <>
> - It would be nice if I could say
>      xmosaic -cacheserver a_local_host:port
>   and xmosaic would connect to a_local_host:port and write
>   GET /host[:port/...      (full http URL without prologue http:/ )
export WWW_http_GATEWAY=http://localcachingserver

> - this "cache" erver is a plexus and I've hacked in the
>   to do the job (craeting directories and getting the file and
>   putting them to the clients)
>   It runs on a separate port - the port number is my "mapping"
>   to the mother server.
Very Cool.  If you ever make it production quality (and can port it to
3.0 when it comes out) I would love to integrate this into the release.

> Are there other/better solutions to do such a job? How can I get 
> infomations like filesize and date?
>From the returned Object for HTTP/1.0 servers.
You'll want to handle things like:

TimBL: According to the spec data formats are per RFC850, so they are like:
    Last-modified: Tuesday, 05-Oct-93 22:58:33 GMT
I'm not sure that's the right RFC to standardize on.  Wouldn't 822 make
more sense?