Found this on an educational listserver this morning
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1993 06:27:14 -0600
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Subject: Found this on an educational listserver this morning
Found this on the kidsphere listserver this morning, just
thought I would pass it along - more good press for Mosiac and WWW

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From: (Chris Beaumont)
Subject: MOSAIC-"Killer App" for education?
Date: 8 Dec 93 18:47:16 GMT
Organization: Morningdew Associates
Xref: comp.infosystems.www:4194

It strikes me that the new program for accessing the WWW (World Wide Web)
"MOSAIC" could serve as the catalyst that makes kids interested in science 
again,particularly space science.. Read the article on the front page of
todays New York Times about this program and you'll see what I mean,if 
you arent already familiar with it.(the program is available from and requires an Internet link.) For those who feel
that the American education system is faltering and needs something to 
get science education (and really all kinds of education) back on 
track,look no further.I think that all elementary and secondary 
schools,as well as colleges,should develop Mosaic resourses immediately.
Dont let the huge corporations derail cooperative solutions like this and 
try to sell their proprietary products.Mosaic is already a de-facto system
for turning kids on to science.Teachers,take note.
Scientists, also take note.Funding for NASA could be dramatically increased
by means of Mosaic. (The accessibility of space images and datasets 
through Mosaic could make it possible for millions of youngsters to actually
_participate_ in space study and research.) If the scientific community 
doesnt grab this and run with it,you are missing out on  a huge opportunity.
Go for it. dont let the corporations steal the future.
-Chris Beaumont.

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Pat McClanahan
EROS Data Center
Sioux Falls, SD