First draft of Web "puncher"

kevinh (Kevin Hughes)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 19:31:34 PST
From: kevinh (Kevin Hughes)
Message-id: <9312140331.AA11627@eit.COM>
To: eit-www@eit.COM
Subject: First draft of Web "puncher"

	OK, for those webbers (and weber) :), I've made the second
beta Web punch interface, based on Jason's work. It's at


	If anyone is willing to hack wwwpunch to allow it to accept
all the other normal punch commands (unpunch, timesheet, etc.), I
will add it to the interface - or if anyone else wants to hack it,
source is /usr/local/httpd/htbin/src/puncher.c

	-- Kev