How do I specify a WHOIS scheme?

"Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (604)721-7729" <ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 9:45:19 -0800 (PST)
From: "Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (604)721-7729" <ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA>
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Subject: How do I specify a WHOIS scheme?
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I would like to have an option in my home page that connects to my WHOIS
server. I have tried putting something like
    <UL>   <A HREF="whois://my-node.domain/">WHOIS server</A>
in my welcome.html file, but it does not work.
I need to be able to prompt for input and have it piped to the WHOIS utility.
My WHOIS utility is the regular INET WHOIS that is part of most TCPIP packages.
If this is a FAQ, please bear with me, since I've just started experimenting
with WWW servers and clients (Mosaic) and I am still on the learning curve.
An example would be most welcome.

thank you in advance,
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