Re: CGI Suggestion (Rob McCool)
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From: (Rob McCool)
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 12:00:48 -0600
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       "CGI Suggestion" (Dec 28, 11:07am)
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Subject: Re: CGI Suggestion
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 * CGI Suggestion  by Charles Henrich (
 *    written on Dec 28, 11:07am.
 * I would like to propose that instead of (or if we must, as well as) allowing
 * the embedding of information in the path (which is really poor!) we should
 * special case the character ';' to mean end of URL for the client.  This would
 * allow folks to use
 * http://machine/documentpath;info that can be passed to programs.
 * In the above case the server would return the document /documentpath, but keep
 * the ';' information intact for scripts and programs. Forcing the server to have
 * to stat each directory level is an incredibly waste of resources, and thats
 * doubly so for AFS!
 * Thoughts?

Actually, I'm going to add a small patch I came up with over the holidays
which will make the average case require one stat, which is fairly