Re: ismap functionality... (Joe Germuska)
From: (Joe Germuska)
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Subject: Re: ismap functionality... 
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1993 15:47:01 -0600 (CST)
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Tony Sanders wrote:
> > <map src="sample.gif" rect="http://somewhere/something.html 0,0 65,15"
> > 		      rect="parent.html 66,0 120,15" 
> >                       rect="#TOP 180,0 200,15">
> > 

How about, perhaps, an argument to the "<ISMAP>" tag?  Something like this:
<IMG SRC="map.gif" ISMAP="map.conf"> (or something)

The point being that if the client could read the map configuration, it
could provide much better feedback -- say, hold the option key to see the
outlines of buttons, and highlight the exact "hotspot" before jumping to
the appropriate URL? 

The feedback (or lack of) currently given to users when an ISMAP is clicked
will probably make a lot of people kind of uncomfortable.

So is this idea counter to philosophy, or too hard for client authors to
implement? :-) (my suggestions usually violate philosophies :-)

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