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[original message by Dave Raggett ]
> Pei's suggestion of folded lists is an interesting one:
> ...
> Surely this is a sufficiently general mechanism which should apply
> to other elements e.g. OL, DL, FORM and DIVn ?

Is there any "deeper" similarity/relation between this suggested
FOLDED attribute and the HTML+ EFFECT attribute for <A> tags?

>From htmlplus.doc:
> effect  A string defining how the linked node is shown: "replace",
> "new", "overlay",
> with the default effect of replacing the current document.

although with the later restriction/attenuation:
> The effect attribute is a hint and may be disregarded by browsers. It
> allows you to click on an image and to see a linked movie as an
> overlay at the same position. The browser tries to position the
> overlay at the same origin as the link. In some cases, the linked node
> is a description of the current node. By including effect="new", the
> linked node will appear in a new window so that users can see both
> nodes at the same time. This hint should be used sparingly!

Phrased differently - why should the 'folding' be restricted to
lists and forms? (I get to think of replacement buttons in Guide,

Apologies for the extremely ad-hoc style&contents of this message: I
wanted to mention this while the topic was still a current focus of

Thank you