need printable docs on WWW (bryan oakley)
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 10:40:30 CST
From: (bryan oakley)
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Subject: need printable docs on WWW
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I am looking for some postscript files that I once had and hope some
kind soul can help me acquire them.  I have been 'volunteered' to demo
what we've done with HTML to a group who is tasked to develop a
monolithic system for distributing and maintaining documents (for a
major US government 8^|).  They seemed interested in what the WWW is all
about, but skeptical at it's newness (and cheapness).

When I first investigated what WWW was all about I had found some nice
postscript documents which I would like to give to the demo-ees.
Problem is, I don't have the files anymore, I don't know where I got
them in the first place, and I don't have an internet connection so I
can't easily get them (yeah, I know, but Mosaic works great for LANs

I am hoping that if you know of, or possess, some of the documents I
am looking for we can arrange for you to email them to me.  Sadly, I
need them Real Soon (tm) (Jan 13th).  The documents I am looking for
are described below.  In all cases I have probably-old hardcopy from
the original postscript document (as opposed to a printed HTML file),
and am looking to obtain the most recent version of the original
postscript source.   

1) 'NCSA Mosaic Technical Summary'.  This is a nice paper written by
Marc Andreessen on what the NCSA Mosaic product is all about.  The
version I have is dated February 20, 1993.

2) 'Getting Started with NCSA Mosaic'.  Again written by Marc
Andreessen, this details what is needed to use Mosaic.  The copy I
have is dated May 8, 1993.

3) A document written by the folks at CERN, with 'World-Wide Web
server software, Generated from the Hypertext' on the front sheet, 
and dated June 2, 1993.  This is a tome of some 7 chapters, including
an HTML style guide and info on a shell script HTTPD server.
This is the one I really want, as it gives a nice overview of the
software available, at least at the time of the writing.  Hopefully
its been updated? 

4) Another CERN document.  My copy begins with "Chapter 1 WWW Daemon
user guide" and looks to be a document written with LaTeX.  Chapter 2
is "Hypertext daemon", and chapters 3 and 4 are "The W.A.I S. - WWW
gateway" and "Gateway to VMS Help".  

5) Yet another CERN document titled "World-Wide Web: An Information
Infrastructure for High-Energy Physics".  In the footnote it states
the document is a preprint of a paper presented at "Software
Engineering, Articicial (sic) Inteligence and Expert Systems for High
Energy and Nuclear Physics" in January, 1992.

If you know where I can get my hands on any of these documents, or any
other documents which effectively describe the WWW or WWW specific
programs (such as Mosaic, various httpd implementations and the like),
I would appreciate being given the document, or at least an ftp
address (I can find a host to ftp from in an emergency).  URLs won't
do me much good.

Thanks for your help.

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