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Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 20:03:28 CST
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> Excerpts from ext.WorldWideWeb: 12-Jan-94 RE: Whitespace Lou
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> > That way you could specify different words to be
> > emphasised and be sure that each emphasis style will be unique.
> But what do you *mean* by each of the emphasis styles?
> Bill
Many people don't care what they mean, they just want to make
different sections of text look different than other sections
to help the reader distinquish between different topics or

This technique combined with semantic emphasis will insure that
semantic meaning will not be lost and will also ensure that a proper
representation will be made in terms of physical styles.

For instance you may specify a tag <em style=1 meaning=citation>
and another <em style=2 meaning=quotation>.  Browsers that use
physical style will be sure to use unique physical representations
of the emphasis while browsers that have the ability to show
the true meaning behind the emphasis (I don't know of any that exist
right now) will use the "meaning".  That way you can be covered
no matter what the representation.

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