Large Pre-formatted Files (Tim Evans)
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From: (Tim Evans)
Subject: Large Pre-formatted Files
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 10:05:04 -0500 (EST)
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We'd like to put our local installation's phone book, about 300KB
in size and more than 4,000 lines long, up on our internal server.
The file is currently formatted like this:


Using the raw file fouls up the formatting, generating a single continuous
"paragraoh" of unformatted data.  I tried surrounding the entire
document with <pre> and </pre> markup, but the file--or more likely
the pre-formatted part of the file--seems too large for Mosaic to
handle.  (It's been 15 minutes since I asked Mosaic 2.1 to load the
file, on a Sun 4/110, and I'm still looking at the little watch.)
I've tried simply putting <p> at the end of each line/entry, and
this works, but "double-spaces" the output, something I'd rather
not have.

How can this sort of file be marked up in HTML to display it properly
in a reasonable amont of time?

Tim Evans	2201 Brookhaven Ct, Fallston, MD 21047