Announcing sd-launch v1.0

William C Fenner <>
From: William C Fenner <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 94 11:39:35 EST
Message-id: <>
Subject: Announcing sd-launch v1.0
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Here's the README for sd-launch v1.0, a tool to integrate multicast
session launching with Mosaic.

sd-launch, v1.0

sd-launch is a helper for Mosaic (and other WWW browsers, and, indeed,
metamail) to allow launching of MBONE sessions via WWW (or MIME).

sd-launch is simply a C wrapper for two tcl programs:

sd_start.tcl, as supplied with sd v1.13 from LBL (available in
sd_load.tcl, which parses an .sd_cache entry (or an application/x-sd
  datastream as supplied by my sd extension to Plexus) into the form
  that sd_start requires

To compile, you need tcl2c, which is part of the nv distribution
  (available in, or
  you could ask me for the already-processed .c files.

A binary is available for SunOS 4.1.3, the only platform I have
conveniently available to me.  I will make binaries available for
other platforms if they are supplied to me.

To use, put something similar to the following in your ~/.mailcap :

application/x-sd; sd-launch %s

William C. Fenner <>

sd-launch is available via the web from .
Make sure to use binary transfer mode if you're getting a
tar file or an executable.