Re: Inlined image format (Andy Holyer)
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From: (Andy Holyer)
Subject: Re: Inlined image format
To: sanders@BSDI.COM (Tony Sanders)
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 94 21:47:23 GMT
In-reply-to: <199401252122.PAA01774@austin.BSDI.COM>; from "Tony Sanders" at Jan 25, 94 3:22 pm
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As a (still   learng) ) HTML  programmer,  could I  just request   one
possible extension for  a future version  of Mosaic,  and  that's JPEG

For a  specific (but very  useful) category  of  images,  they're very
useful, basically because they can be far smaller as long as you don't
mind a few artefacts. It's not at  all hard to  make up very effective
thumbnails  in  a couple of K.  Since bandwidth will always lag behind
storage, I think this is quite significant for the 'Web.

The code  for handling  JPEG  is freely  available  for a  variety  of
platforms  so it shouldn't be  that hard to  build in with the GIF and
xbm code.

Besides, if we've got  inline JPEGs, we're  about  10% of  the  way to
inline MPEG :-)

Just my two penn'oth
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