Re: Universal network graphics language
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 15:28:14 EST
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Subject: Re: Universal network graphics language
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At the ACM MultiMedia'93 conference (Anaheim CA, USA), Vicki de May and
Simon Gibbs presented a paper called "A MultiMedia Composition Kit".

One of the applications they created was a Virtual Museum.  3D scenes
were rendered by one machine, video was generated on another machine
(and inserted into hanging picture frames generated by the first
machine). There were also 3D sprites being generated by other machines
which were composed and composited in.

The entire network had SGIs, Macs, Sparcs, and Next's. Each machine was
used for what it did best (generation of 3D textured scenes, video, or

They showed a video where one could walk through the galleries of the
museum, and when one faced the picture frames on the walls, 2D video
was in the middle of the picture. One could even play multi-user games
with each person controlling a sprite which were composited into
the scene.

The work seemed to be partially sponsered by Kaliada and Apple.
However, the co-authors are at the University of Geneva.

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund [MIME]
GTE Laboratories, Waltham MA