Need help with FTP URL

"Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (604)721-7729" <ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 1994 12:04:01 -0800 (PST)
From: "Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (604)721-7729" <ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA>
Cc: ZAPANTIS@uvphys.phys.UVic.CA
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Subject: Need help with FTP URL
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I am trying to setup an FTP URL as part of my home page, but I am having no
luck getting it to work.

the setup: VMS(5.5-2) httpd server from CERN, Mosaic 2.0 and MULTINET.

Anonymous FTP works fine interactively, but when used in the URL

Mosaic tells me that either the server is not responding, or the file cannot
be found.

When I run CERN's line-mode WWW browser with Verbose turned on I get the
following error message, _after_ the client successfully connects to the 
anonymous FTP server:
Tx: RETR /
 Rx: 550 %RMS-F-SYN, file specification syntax error
  Tx: CWD /
 Rx: 550 %RMS-F-SYN, file specification Can't access `'

I have tried putting a directory name in the URL, but it did not help.

If I change the URL to point to a Document, such as

the line-mode WWW client fetches the file, but MOSAIC still tells me that it 

Am I missing something here? Shouldn't I get a directory listing when a
connection is made to the FTP server?

BTW, I am not using an httpd config file, if this is where the problem is.

thanks in advance,

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