Announcing tkWWW-0.10

From: joe@MIT.EDU
Message-id: <9401310143.AA00662@theodore-sturgeon.MIT.EDU>
Subject: Announcing tkWWW-0.10
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 94 20:43:49 EST
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tkWWW Version 0.10 beta (
World Wide Web (WWW) is a hypertext project which seeks to build a
world wide network of hypertext links.  There are several different
browsers for this system including a simple tty interface.

Tk is an interpreted toolkit which allows one to build X11 applications
quickly and easily.

tkWWW is a Tk interface to (WWW).

Since the entire user interface is written in an interpreted language,
it is very easy to make modifications and extensions to the system.
tkWWW is the first X11 browser with the ability to edit HTML!!!!!

To get tkWWW 0.10
tkWWW can be anonymous ftped from

To Install
In this directory

1. Type "./configure"
2. Type "make"
3. Type "make install"