Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1

Walt Drummond <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 94 10:52:31 EST
From: Walt Drummond <>
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Subject: Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1
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Hi there,

> hope you have read and tried about my patch to the same features of
> httpd.

I saw the announcement as I was working on my addition, but I couldn't
find the patch itself...

> ReadmeTop is fine - I also want to have it configurable.
> LinkIcons         - As I see the Href from the Icon is the same as from
> 		    the name after. 
> 		    My vote is for such like my AddHref, so I can bind
> 		    a variable view to spesial file types - so I can
> 		    make the funtionality to look in archives with a
> 		    cgi script
> 		    TRY:

All of the changes I've made are applicable in srm.conf, access.conf
and .htaccess.  You're right, however.  I think we want to see some
way of extending the directory index to do special things with a
subset of files; ie: an archive list. 

> What I would like:
>   - we can configure the global view in srm.conf with FancySelections,
>     ReadmeTop, AddHref ... and
>   - we can put configuration files on directories in the archive area
>     as httpd does with .htaccess
>     So we could define different views to different parts. There I could
>     overwrite the "global view" as in srm.conf.

Right.  That was the part of intent of my changes. Check out

>     What should be there:
>       - all the features as in srm.conf for indexing, but I can change
>         from defines in srm.conf

If I understand you correctly, its done.  The global Directory Index
defines in srm.conf are superseded by those in access.conf and

>       - CGI-View /cgi-bin/<name> to call a script with pathname to
> 	generate an index outside the server. Very good for good
> 	managed archives like simtel or windows from cica. So you can
> 	generate Hypertext Indexes from the indexes on the archives.
>         Try
> What do you think about this? I could send you the patches for AddHref
> and the unarch CGI, but I think Rob should do the real patch if it is
> a good one. 

Actually, I was about to try and get this patch from you, if just to
use here at Rutgers.  I'd really us like to integrate our patches and
jointly submit them to Rob.  Let's do this: send me a copy of your
patch, I'll integrate it into my changes, and send the new patch back
to you.  If we agree on the implementation, we'll send it to Rob to
see if we can get it included into the distribution.  If not, we'll
reimplement where needed.  Sound good?

> 	~Guenther


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